CA15109 COSTNET: the European Cooperation for Statistics of Network Data Science

Vrsta projekta: Strani

Period realizacije: 11.05.2016. – 10.05.2020.

Partneri na projektu:

33 countries (EU and associated)

Rukovodilac: MC Member Serbia: doc. dr Dragana Bajović

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This Action aims to facilitate interaction and collaboration between diverse groups of statistical network modellers, establishing a large and vibrant interconnected and inclusive community of network scientists. The aim of this interdisciplinary Action is two-fold. On the scientific level, the aim is to critically assess commonalities and opportunities for cross-fertilization of statistical network models in various applications, with a particular attention to scalability in the face of Big Data. On a meta-level, the aim is to create a broad community which includes researchers across the whole of Europe and at every stage in their scientific career and to facilitate contact with stakeholders.